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skiChina generates high grade digital content, creates custom industry research and offers insight on the geographic and market forces shaping the quickly developing ski industry in China. In 2015 we will release our first film to demonstrate the depth of our knowledge and skill (Film). We also provide trend analysis and branding strategy to clients who are interested in targeting the domestic Chinese ski consumer. Our website currently offers information and media focused on the Chinese ski industry and we will introduce user generated reviews and an online marketplace for winter of 2015.

China’s unique traditions and late entry into the winter sports market is redefining traditional resort, travel and product standards. Our goal is to assist our clients with understanding the new snow sports culture that has emerged in China.


  • Digital media and content creation
  • Industry research and consulting services for commerce, travel and film projects
  • Online retail, distribution and marketing strategy

Enjoying natural mountain settings is a powerful and beneficial experience and skiing in China offers a respite from urban life for many people. We realize that modern day resort skiing has an impact on the environment and that our website contributes to the commercialization of the sport. skiChina is mindful of our own footprint and we encourage people to spend more time in the mountains because it will help them respect and appreciate the natural environment.


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