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Chongli Resort Cluster

250km and 4 hours drive from Beijing is the quickly developing ski town of Chongli. The town offers access to three major ski areas of Wanlong, Doulomedi and Genting Secret Garden.  For beginner or intermediate skiers these areas offer plenty of terrain and decent vertical with high quality lodging and facilities.  This is exactly what the Chinese market is looking for right now and this is the perfect resort area for 90 percent of global skiers, experts excluded.


There are a few drawbacks for the more advanced skiers. Although it is similar in elevation to Yabuli and Beidahu it is not nearly as pretty. Instead of old growth hardwoods and evergreens blanketed in snow, smaller dryer scrub trees dot the brown mountains that surround the ski resorts. The area sits on the edge of the Gobi desert and doesn’t receive much natural snow. Those who are into convenient access to trails deeply covered in manmade but perfectly groomed snow will be happy here. Skiers looking for powder and big terrain should bypass this area and head to Changbaishan or Altay. For slightly better skiing and prettier forests head to Yabuli or Beidahu instead.

Despite these drawbacks this is the epicenter of commercial skiing in China. The government is supporting rail and road projects to the region and it is developing fast. The 2022 winter Olympics will be held here and construction on the venues and transportation system has begun. Even before the Beijing 2022 announcement real estate and resort development had turned this agricultural backwater into a true Chinese ski resort destination. To sum it up, the easy drive from Beijing, sunny but cold days, lack of pollution and the wonderful facilities here make it a great destination for all but expert skiers.

More information can be found on the following links:

Chongli Town:


Secret Garden:

Duolemeidi: invalid link)


Beijing Secret Garden. Photo Credit:

The hut at the top of Wanlong

Skiing in the Chongli region

Chongli mountians

Birches at Wanlong

Birches at Wanlong

Modern ski setup in Chongli area

New lodge area at Wanlong

Wanlong base



  • Wilson - …and you forgot to mention that it is ridiculously expensive.

    Anyone that is willing to fork over $130 for lift + rental for one day up skiing would be better served to just fly to Japan.

    The only reason I see going to this resort (or in general these types of resorts in China) is if you were going for a day-trip. I would suggest waiting until they can offer at least 10% of what Whistler can offer for the same price.


    • - Wilson, I agree that things can get expensive. These resorts certainly don’t offer world class terrain so its hard to accept high prices. That being said I think they appeal to the mainstream Chinese market right now. 90% of skiers would not know what to do at Whistler or Japan so for them its probably worth it. Those seeking international standards will quickly be board of Chongli. I consider myself a skilled skier and I still have fun at resorts like this for a couple days. Smashing bumps or hitting the park is fun. Sure you are not getting powder or big terrain but its better than nothing.ReplyCancel

      • HH-SKi - Well-said, I can easily drive to Chongli on Friday evening and come back to Beijing on Sunday afternoon, but it’s too much work to fly to Japan over the weekend :-)ReplyCancel

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