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2 deadly accidents in 2 days lead to refocusing on safety

According to the Beijing Times, the end of January saw two unfortunate incidents on the slopes around Chongli that lead to the deaths of young skiers:

The report does not go into great detail on the events, other than stating that medical personnel assisted where possible and that reports will be produced by relevent parties.  However, further reporting is available online which sheds a little further light on the identities of the skiers – apparently it was Bao Liaocheng, a roughly 10 year old boy, who died at Thaiwu on the 18th, and a female Beijing University IT Masters Student who died at Wanglong on the 16th.

Neither skier is reported as having been with an instructor, or having been hit by another skier.  Both appear to have lost control and skied off the pistes – into trees in the case of the unnamed Beijing University student.

The two cases have caused the publication of a safety notification advising winter sports participants to ski within their limits, but no further action appears to have been taken at this time.

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